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Do you need more customers for your auto repair shop? We can help with that. Our team has decades of combined experience bringing new and repeat customers to all kinds of auto repair shops.
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General Auto Repair
Are you trying to attract more business to your general auto repair shop? Feel like your stuck on the side of the road looking for someone to help?

As a general auto repair shop, yours is also one that may have the most competition. This can make it more difficult to keep your bays filled, but with the right brand, advertising, and strategy through Motorhead Marketing, you will never have to worry about keeping your technicians busy
Fleet Service Marketing
When marketing a fleet service company, you have some very unique challenges. The entire process of finding prospects through gaining buy-in on why your company is the best choice can all be accomplished with the right type of marketing efforts. 

Motorhead Marketing has been working with fleet service organizations for decades and we can help you to put together an impressive pitch with materials that are just as persuasive. Let us help you increase your opportunities and the rewards that come with them.
Multi-Store / Franchise Marketing
Multi-store brands and franchise organizations have unique opportunities to reduce their marketing cost per customer. 

This combined with the need to build a consistent company wide brand message that is supported by each location is why you should choose Motorhead Marketing as your agency for growing at speed and scale. 

Contact us today to find out more about how Motorhead Marketing can help you accelerate your multi-store marketing efforts!

Industry Segments & Markets

Different markets have different needs. Motorhead Marketing is here to help fulfill them!
Mobile Service Marketing
Mobile service companies have a whole different set of marketing challenges that most shops don't even consider.

Trying to generate enough work that doesn't require a service bay, and keeping a consistent set of customers makes this an exciting and worth-while challenge!

Motorhead Marketing is all about changing the game and challenging the status quo. 

Bring your dynamic company our team and see why we are your award winning auto repair marketing agency. 
Niche/Specialty Marketing
Niche auto repair markets have many challenges as well as opportunities. Some of these depend on market size, labor volume, amongst many other factors. 

Here are just a few of the markets we are currently working with:

European Repair Only
Asian Repair Only
Electric Vehicle Specialty
Diesel Repair Only

Contact us today to find out how we can help your shop stand out from the crowd!
Quick Lube / Oil Change Marketing
As a primarily maintenance driven organization, you have a prime selling position since every car is your customer. Developing programs and market strategies for the maintenance minded customer is one of our specialties. Contact us today and let's talk about keeping your bays turning through today's new opportunities & challenges.
Wheel & Tire Sales Marketing
The market for wheels and tires is 4 times the number of cars on the road! Sometimes just a humorous statement of fact can help you stand out in a crowd. That is what you can expect with Motorhead Marketing. Our team of professionals will help your Tire Store grow a customer base that is repetitive and consistent for years to come. 
Transmission Repair Marketing
Whether a franchise or independent transmission brand, our team of professionals can help you find and draw in new service customers specific to your offerings. We have  strategies that can help you target customers who may have problems based on certain vehicle factors/markets and get them to think of you first when their transmission starts to fail. Contact us today to find out more!
Collision Repair Marketing / Auto Body Marketing
Decades after the market consolidation, it may feel like your business went from competing with small shops to arm wrestling with titans vying for market share. Our team of experts help find specific opportunities to put you in the dominant position for your market. Contact Motorhead Marketing today to be your Collision Marketing strategist!
Auto Electric Repair Marketing
In our experience, most diagnostic and electric shops haven't had to do much marketing, since the business usually is drawn in by necessity.  Since EVs (Electric Vehicles) are being serviced more and more by the general repair shop, your competition is due to grow by leaps and bounds.

Contact Motorhead Marketing to help position your shop as the singular leader in Electrical & Diagnostic Mastery now & forever.
Auto Glass Repair Marketing
Anyone else might think that marketing for an auto glass repair business isn't really necessary, since there are so many windshields on the road. You know that's far from the truth. 

It can be hard to draw in a consistent clientele between fighting spammy search marketing competitors, and the nature of low repeat sales. We can help you to build your brand recognition in the consumer market, and sublet market to its highest level ever through new opportunities.

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