Automotive Marketing

The automotive industry is approximately 3.5 percent of America's GDP and is expected to continue growing far into the future. New technologies are opening up vast revenue streams and with Motorhead Marketing, as your marketing agency, you'll grab a huge slice of that 1.5 trillion dollar pie.
Auto Repair Marketing
Motorhead Marketing has been proud to work with the best in the automotive repair industry. Our team has worked hard to build brands from scratch and develop advertising programs that work. Bring us your auto repair shop, and we'll fill your bays full. 
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Auto Sales Marketing
Auto Sales is one of the most competitive markets in the automotive industry. As such, dealers can sometimes struggle to get their inventory turned quickly, and our team loves to tackle the challenge of bringing in customers to buy cars. New or used, we can help you get them sold.
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Automotive Franchise / Multi-store Marketing
There are two interesting aspects of franchise marketing, the franchisor, and the franchisee. Whether you are building a franchise brand or providing marketing resources to your franchisee, there is a lot of ways we can help. Our team of experts has been engineering brands for a long time and we understand how important it is to have a consistent message through your marketing pieces, and the franchisee network.
Automotive Manufacturer Marketing
Are you a manufacturer in need of a focused advertising campaign? Maybe you have a strategic marketing initiative that needs to be proposed, planned, and put out for bid? 

In any case, we have a team that can bring creativity and uniqueness to your brand. Invite us to your next pitch meeting and see what the future has to offer you!

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