Why would a repair business hire a marketing coach?

Marketing coaches have typically experienced many years producing marketing campaigns using a multitude of strategies and tactics. This knowledge provides unique insights into what makes a campaign successful, how to implement strategies for the maximum return on investment, and what new opportunities or advantages are on the horizon.

These skills are honed specifically for building brands, bringing in customers, and retaining them while maximizing every dollar spent. Where one shop owner may run a targeted campaign once or twice a year, marketing coaches may have run thousands over their lifetime. This insight gives a perspective that can only be brought by a marketing coach. 

What are specific benefits of having a marketing coach or consulting session?

New Opportunities
Access a wide variety of strategies, methodologies, and resources to help you quickly implement solutions.
Assessment & Analysis
Skillful analysis and an accurate quantification of your current marketing efforts with an eye towards new paths of success.
Strategic Implementation
Obtain direct guidance on how to implement a solution, explained in depth, so that your ROI happens quickly.
Experienced Marketers
Find unique approaches not commonly known to every other business and why they can give you an advantage.

Why chose Motorhead Marketing as your coach?

Motorhead Marketing has been implementing strategic methods and modern advertising strategies for repair services industries since 2007. 

Our team of experts work with everything from assisting startups on brand development to large-scale multi-location, direct mail and media campaigns. 

These campaigns follow up through focused digital advertising on multiple media channels, and exclusively target prospects who've shown interest in purchasing a product or service.

We have won industry awards for website designs, and many of our customers are in the top 5% of the industry. In terms of successful business growth and revenue, you need an accomplished coach to help you on your journey.

Motorhead Marketing can provide a seasoned professional to make that happen.

Getting started is easy!

Hiring a coach doesn't require long term commitment. Coaches are there to help you get through the tough times, come up with new ideas, or hire-on-demand. Here's the process:
Step 1
Send us Your information and brief idea of your needs.
This initial contact helps us to find out a little about your company, what your offerings are, and what you would like some assistance with.
Step 2
Complete a Focused Survey to save time & effort
Our team will then send you a topical survey. This survey will ask a number of questions about your unique situation, what might be involved, and access to materials or resources for our analysis. This is done to obtain as much information as possible to make your session focused and goal-oriented. Our sessions are estimated based on these details.
Step 3
Prepare for and Schedule a Meeting
Once we have done a preliminary review of the materials provided, we will send you a recommended coaching path and quote. Upon acceptance, you will have access to our online meeting schedule and can select a time and date that works best for your schedule.
Step 4
Ask Questions & Obtain the Answers you Need
We then send you a link and appointment reminder for the session. This will be typically be an online session using a skype meeting service. These sessions can be conducted in person if desired.
Step 5
Receive a Post-Meeting Road-Map & Recommendation
After the meeting has concluded, we will provide a comprehensive summary with recommendations and assessments.

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We are here to help you no matter what your needs are.
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