Marketing Management Service

Are you looking to outsource your whole marketing department? If so, our solution gives you total control over your budget and growth, while leaving the marketing management to us.
Too much to keep up with?
Long ago business owners were prepared to dedicate a majority of their time on 3 different areas: sales, production, and operations. 

Marketing was normally an after-thought, only becoming an issue when the business started getting slow. Panic would soon set in and a mad scramble for some kind of marketing would occur. 

As time progressed, most business owners, have learned that they must commit more time, a significant amount, to marketing so the business remains active and profitable. 

But as times changed, the different types of marketing multiplied and it became even harder to know how to get it done right. 

You don't have to be frustrated anymore!
Resolve Your Marketing Problems
The volume of tasks between marketing the business, employment advertising, and customer relations have become very time consuming.

So where an auto repair shop may have primarily employed technicians, service advisors, and a manager, they now need to consider including the Marketing manager to continuously fuel the business with opportunities.

This will help keep a consistent flow of leads of both customers and employment prospects thereby resulting in staying consistently busier, for longer periods of time. 

Any marketing manager who has the skills and abilities to properly manage your marketing can cost upwards of six figures in salary plus benefits. 

You can significantly reduce that cost through Motorhead's Marketing Management Service.
Have you changed with the times?
Forty years ago it was easier to market your business. Some direct mail, a phone book ad, and you generally had business coming through the door.

Today it's a fight between satisfying the customers desires, such as the specific communication methods they demand (phone, text, email, chat); or where to place your marketing dollars (direct mail, digital marketing, loyalty programs, social media, etc.). 

These are just two of the issues that plague shop owners today. Staying current with everyday changes, and understanding what to do on a moment's notice is something that can drive any business owner insane. 

We can help solve all your frustrations.
What does a Marketing Manager do?
Marketing Managers fit a very unique and specific role in today's modern business. They keep up with tactics and technology to beat out competitors in the market.

The practical use of this obtained knowledge with branding, advertising, and other forms of customer communications (aka, Marketing) is a highly regarded skill. Th Marketing Manager's role is primarily to generate new customers and keep existing ones coming back again & again.

Additional marketing skill use cases include attracting new talent, such as  automotive repair technicians, service advisors, and other necessary personnel. 

Much to the delight of shop owners, the Marketing Manager can provide them with answers, planned budgets, and set up strategic marketing. 

All of this while monitor competitor efforts, and a whole lot more!
Key Features of the Motorhead Management Service
The primary feature of the Marketing Management Service is that you can hand off as much or as little of your marketing as you like. Should you desire, you can hand off everything and just be provided with options and reports.

You'll work with a dedicated Marketing Manager to outline a plan that is a custom fit for your business goals and processes. We work with you to establish a budget, and a plan of action to grow your business. Here are some other features of this program

Your Marketing Manager will then work with our team of talented graphic designers, web developers, and search engine marketers to bring you as much business as you can handle. 

Would you like to know more?

Your first step is to contact us through the inquiry link below. Once we receive your request, we can schedule a free discovery call to discuss what a Marketing Manager can offer your business.
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