Welcome to Motorhead Marketing. As a shop owner, you know the difficulties in running a business each day, while trying to keep customers coming through the door. By arriving here, you are searching for more options to make this an easier or more effective process. We can DEFINITELY help!


We are an industry-specific marketing agency that provides a wide range of services to shop owners. The foundation for our business model comes from knowing how independent shops operate, what are their key performance indicators, and how each repair order affects the net return.

Utilizing this unique domain knowledge, we have been able to provide significant marketing and advertising advantages to our customers for over 15 years.


If you have arrived here, then you are most likely looking to:

  • Fill your daily quota of sellable hours, with...
  • Long term customers (customer retention)...
  • Who have above-average Repair Order Spending (maintenance minded)
  • While reducing the workload of trying to decide how and where to market your business (bringing in a wide range of opportunities).

Does this match with what you are looking for?

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